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Civil Engineering Consulting Services

With decades of experience behind us, Tadros Engineering has been solving problems for land developers, mining & resource companies and others throughout Australia. If you have a problem that needs an engineering solution, we will be able to help you with our depth of engineering talent and our wide-ranging experience.

Our highly qualified and experienced team has the skills to tackle any design, construction and maintenance project from a remote mining camp to a challenging water problem at a proposed urban development. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re a major urban developer with big plans, or a small investor developing your two-lot subdivision, we have the knowledge and experience to make the job easier and more profitable for you. 

Specialities Include

Earthworks utilising 12D software
Drainage Design utilising XPSWMM including flood modelling
Sewer pump stations

Drawing conformance to BHP, Rio Tinto and FMG requirement

Urban Water Management Plans

Feasibility & Serviceability studies

Cost estimates
Civil engineering design & drafting, for infrastructure such as roads, earthworks, foot paths, Water Corporation assets etc..
Obtaining authority approvals
Superintending construction contracts


XPSWMM Drainage Software Expertise

Strata, Survey Strata

& Green Title Land Development

Planning a strata, survey strata or green title development? We can provide sewer and water design for any development to Water Corporation criteria and the Australian Plumbing Code complying with AS3500.

Superintendence & Contract Administration

Administer and Superintendence of an AS4000 or AS2124 Contract to facilitate the construction process.

Assist in the assessment of Tenders associated with our scope of works


Assist the Project Manager with drawings as necessary to document variations and the administration of the project to completion


Respond to any queries as necessary to resolve construction issues

Carry out inspections of works as nominated by Tadros Engineering to ensure the quality of the work is in accordance with the agreed construction drawings and specifications


Provide written advice to the Project Manager on the suitability of the works after each inspection


Carry out inspection as necessary prior to Practical Completion of the Works to prepare a defects list for issue to the Contractor and Project Manager

Creek to Pipe Conversion


Tadros Engineering's specialist knowledge provides feasible engineering solutions from a financial, environmental, social and physical perspective. 


A section of a creek that meandered through a Client's property was converted to a pipe system to allow greater use of their property.  Environmental impacts were assessed and approved by the relevant authorities as part of the design process.


The success of this project ensured that there was an increase in useable land for the Client's use. 


Sewer Reticulation

Pump Station 

Pressure Main 

Waste Water Reticulation

Flood Modelling

At Tadros Engineering we utilise XP SWIMM to conduct flood modelling studies to assess post and pre development scenarios.


Latest Project -  Baldivis


Hydraulic Modelling as per Department of Water’s (DoW) requirements


Run a hydraulic model based on the pre-filling ground elevation information to confirm the DoW flood levels are reproduced. (Pre-filling scenario)


Adjust ground elevations across the lot to adequately reflect the proposed filling and re-run the model. (Post-filling scenario)


Provide a comparison of the flood levels and extents for the above two scenarios to demonstrate the impact of the proposed filling on the flooding regime of the general area

Third Party Reviews

Professional Chartered Engineers at Tadros Engineering can provide Third Party Reviews if required.

Internal Sewer & Water Design for Buildings

We can provide any hydraulic design for your development needs in a standard or non-standard water supply system in a variety of situations and locations.



Roydhouse Subiaco
Services: Sewer Reticulation

Roydhouse Apartments required a DN225 sewer diversion along the basement wall of the development. Tadros Engineering's personnel designed and liaised with the Water Corporation to install this unique arrangement. Water Corporation has used this system as an example on future projects.

Urban Water Management Plans

We can provide Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP's)  incorporating input from Geotechnical and Environmental Engineers. 


As the designers of the subdivision, early input into the UWMP's ensures concepts proposed within the UWMP are able to be implemented within the design.  This assists to reduce the project delivery timeframe.



 Projects conducted by Tadros Engineering Pty Ltd Personnel

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