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Kangi Accommodation Village

Services: Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

Location: Solomon Hub (near Tom Price)

Kangi Permanent Accommodation Village - 1,500 person accommodation site. It was later expanded to accommodate 1,788 people, this project was completed early 2013.

The design involved:


Layout to suit rolling terrain

Bulk & Detailed Earthworks

Sewer and water reticulation

Requirements for sewerage pumping

All roads, carparks and hardstands

Drainage & Culverts Including cut off drains and all internal drains

Requirements for water storage and booster systems

Fire supply distribution for the camp including hydrants and hose reels

There were some significant design challenges within this project, due to the accommodation village being on the low side of a hill, underlying rock and a ravine meandering through the proposed site. Together with our Client we were able to overcome these design challenges.


During the detailed design process and prior to site mobilisation, we were able to utilise advanced earthwork and hydraulic modelling to ensure that the complexities of this site were understood. This ensured that if any design changes arose, due to site latent conditions, the models were easily amended to suit, and instructions would be relayed in a timely fashion to the Client (Contractor). 

Our Client was able to achieve construction in a short timeframe of just 12 months. 

Photos displaying engineering and design expertise to:


Accomodate a large elevation range.


Manage stormwater - the main drain, which meanders through the site, was designed to convey major storm events safely away from the site.

Abydos Accommodation Village

Services: Civil, Hydraulic & Structural Engineering

Location: Wodgina, 130km south of Port Hedland

200 Person Accommodation Village

Carried out the detailed design for Civil, Structural and Hydraulic works

The Design Involved;


Optimised route and design access road from site boundary (unsealed)
Unsealed carpark
Bulk earthworks 
Overland stormwater drainage
Pavement design for footpaths, sports court
Detailed earthworks and footing design for buildings
Fire water reticulation 
 Potable water reticulation 

Wastewater reticulation
Footing design for carpark and service area lighting

Jingarri Work Camp

Services: Civil, Hydraulic & Structural Engineering

Location: Karratha

100 Person Construction Accommodation Village

Carried out the detailed design of Civil, Hydraulic & Structural works

The design involved;

Bulk Earthworks




Structural Design of tie downs, drainage head walls & slabs

Fire Water

Club Hamilton Expansion Project

Services: Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

Location: South Hedland

160 Person Expansion Project

Carried out the detailed design of Civil & Hydraulic works

Wildflower Camp

Services: Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

Location: Newman 

Civil & Hydraulic CAD Conformed Drawings

Design Review & Recommendations

Dally Camp Expansion

Services: Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

Location: 65 Km North of Tom Price

Carried out the detailed design of Civil & Hydraulic works

The Design involved;






Fire Water

 Projects conducted by Tadros Engineering Pty Ltd Personnel

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